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Centered in Christ,
St. Joseph Catholic Academy builds scholars, leaders and stewards
who will transform the world.

At St. Joseph Catholic Academy (SJCA), we are a comprehensive 3K through 12th grade Catholic college preparatory school designed to educate the whole child.

Students of all religions and backgrounds are welcomed into an environment where they will learn and grow in a manner that promotes academic excellence, high moral standards, personal responsibility, and physical wellness. Inquiry is at the heart at of learning at SJCA with an intentional focus on discovery, experience, curiosity, and collaboration.

At all levels, preschool, elementary, middle and high school, SJCA upholds the highest ideals of scholarship, citizenship, and faith. These school divisions work closely together to create a cohesive educational experience, integrating Catholic values with academic rigor and an embedded commitment to service.

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Our History

Originally founded in 1957 by the School Sisters of St. Francis as St. Joseph High School, St. Joseph Catholic Academy has always been an educational leader, consistently meeting the evolving needs of the local community. In the early 1990s, responding to requests from many of the local grade schools, St. Joseph added a junior high school to its building. Supported by several parishes, this addition provided the targeted instruction, specialized learning environment, and enhanced facility that pre-adolescent students need. Around that same time, St. Joseph became an Archdiocesan school with a layperson board of trustees.


Officially opened on July 1, 2010 on two proximate campuses, SJCA is supported by ten local parishes and has grown to be the largest private school in the area. With its comprehensive focus on academic, moral, social and spiritual development throughout a student’s entire educational journey, SJCA has strong outcomes that validate its unique educational model. SJCA has the highest graduation rates, the highest average ACT scores, and the highest AP pass rates in Kenosha County. Even more importantly, every SJCA student from the youngest preschoolers to graduating seniors is committed to serving God, others, and the community.


Lancer Values

What are our Lancer Values?  Our Lancer Values are intertwined into everything we do at SJCA.  They are the principals that we lean on in our day-to-day activities, in the way we treat our friends and teachers, how we approach difficult situations, and they way in which we present ourselves.  









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