Physical Distancing

Recent studies indicate that a significant portion of COVID-19 transmission is done by asymptomatic individuals (those who don’t know they are sick). That is why physical distancing is one of the best tools used the fight against COVID-19. Physical distancing means keeping space between yourself and other people whenever possible.  The preferred distance is 6 feet from each other.

Classrooms will be arranged to maximize student space yet still provide comfortable, age-appropriate learning environments. Students will have assigned seats. Each classroom will be considered a cohort and will remain together for the entire school day. This includes all recesses, lunch, and specials.

Preschool students will stay primarily in the preschool space, except for outdoor time, and will remain together with their class as a cohort, using the preschool entrance and exit, and eating lunch in Berg Hall.

All student supplies that are purchased by individual families will be kept apart and each student will use his or her own supplies.

Supplies and equipment will be limited to use by one group of students at a time, with cleaning and disinfecting protocols taking place between uses. Students will not be allowed to share electronic devices, books, toys, and other games or learning aids that are unable to be disinfected appropriately.