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The SJCA Board of Directors wishes to provide an avenue for parents and guardians of children enrolled in the school and alumni to express interest in and concerns for the school. Those wishing to express views to the Board during the “Comments” section of the meeting agenda must follow the established guidelines below. Please note that while we welcome your input, board members will not respond to public comments. 

In addition, during the implementation of mask mandates, all those who attend a Board meeting are required to wear a mask. Those who do not will be asked to leave the meeting. The board meeting will not commence unless this rule is followed. 


  • Speakers must be a parent or guardian of a child enrolled in the school or an alumnus/alumna of the school.
  • Speakers must pre-register to speak at least 48 hours before the Board meeting. To pre-register, please complete this form:
  • Comments are limited to three minutes each, and speakers may address the board once per meeting.
  • Speakers may not yield their time to another person.
  • The Board Chair may ask questions of the speaker. (This will not affect the speaker’s three-minute time limit).
  • The Board will not tolerate comments regarding confidential personnel disputes or grievances involving school employees or student disciplinary matters.
  • Using Lancer Values as our guide, abusive speech will not be tolerated. 
  • The Comments section will conclude after registered speakers are heard, not to surpass 20 speakers. 
  • SJCA administration will review your submission for eligibility. If the number of eligible submissions exceeds 20 individuals, actual speakers will be chosen via a random lottery taking place publicly at the beginning of the Board meeting. The names of all eligible individuals will be placed in the lottery.
  • Video or audio recording of any portion of the meeting is prohibited.
  • Lancer Values will be followed which includes treating all staff, faculty, students, parents, and community members with respect, professionalism, and courtesy at all times. Please see pages 30/31 of the Parent Handbook. To view the handbook, please visit this link: