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May Term

May Term

Welcome to May Term/Summer Fun 2020

Even though our May Term looks a little different this year, we aren’t going to let quarantine stop us from having some fun! Feel free to do what you can, when you can, however it works best for your family. We will keep this document live all summer long. Use our “May Term Game Board” to pick an activity, click through to our resources sheet for additional details. Please share your creations and adventures with us on the SJCA Family Facebook Page or in our SJCA shared google photo folder using the button below. 

We will produce a post on FB with the group specific to each game path, please share your item under the comments  rather than an individual post.  If you are not a part of the facebook page, and want to share your pictures, please send them. or any questions you may have. to Miss Santelli at

May Term Game Board Activities for the May Term Game Board Google Photo Drive

Online Health Class

Online Health Class

Summer 2020 - Class Closed

Online Health is designed to provide St. Joseph Catholic Academy students with current factual information about their personal health and well-being.  Registration was due by May 31, 2020.   For class questions, please contact Ms. Lueck at


Little Lancer Preschool

Fostering a Love of Learning

The Little Lancer preschool ignites the spark of curiosity, instills the joy of discovery, and fosters the love of learning.

Our 3-year old and 4-year old students participate in all academic subject areas that are developmentally appropriate for early learners.

At the preschool level, language skills include listening, speaking and writing. An awareness of language is developed through alphabet, vocabulary, and sentence activities. Authors, illustrators, and various types of books are studied in depth.

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Elementary School

Building a Strong Foundation

SJCA recognizes that the elementary school years must build a solid foundation for future learning and academic success.

The elementary curriculum emphasizes reading, writing, math, social studies, science and religion, and is carefully designed in a sequential manner to maximize academic outcomes. Our teachers focus heavily on developing reading skills in both fluency and comprehension. Those strong reading skills are then honed as students not only “learn to read” but “read to learn.” 

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Middle School

Creating Habits for Success

SJCA understands that the skills and habits developed in middle school are not only indicators of  high school achievement, but also directly impact college success.  Thus, the SJCA Middle School focuses not just on the academic skills necessary for future success, but also on the specific habits that lead to independent, purposeful learning.

Middle school is an exciting time at SJCA, with new challenges and opportunities. Students begin to take responsibility for their educational experiences.  Most importantly, middle school is a gateway, creating the habits that will lead our students toward high school and college success.  

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High School

Preparing for the Future

High school is the culmination of the SJCA learning journey. During these crucial four years, students explore a wide variety of classes and activities to discover their strengths, master essential skills, and prepare for college. Our challenging curriculum provides diverse course offerings to meet all students’ needs.

At SJCA, opportunities abound for participation and leadership in student government, athletics, the fine arts, and clubs. Due to our supportive environment, most SJCA students are involved in several extracurricular activities. Our football players sing and dance in the school musical, and our musicians serve on student government.

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J-Term and May Term

Exploring Interests, Igniting Curiosity

J-Term and May term are unique, learning sessions for students that ignite curiosity and inspire creativity.

During J-Term, our middle and high school students immerse themselves in courses that are deliberately experiential, giving them the time and freedom to explore topics outside of our normal college preparatory curriculum.  While our middle and high school students spend full days exploring areas of interest, our preschool and elementary school students engage in their own May-term sessions in sports, academics, and the arts.

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The Lancer Honor Code

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program

SJCA is part of the Wisconsin Parental  Choice program. The Wisconsin DPI publishes a School Report card every year.  SJCA score is 82.2 which exceeds expectations. Click here for the full report. 

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