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St. Joseph Catholic Academy Faith


We emphasize and celebrate spiritual development alongside academic growth.


The Mass schedule looks a bit different this year, however, we remaing steadfast in our faith and continue to celebrate Mass. At the Lower Campus, students attend a weekly school Mass every Wednesday morning at 9:30 a.m. via Facebook through St. Mark parish. Each week a different class participates in planning the Mass liturgy, performing the readings and petitions in person.

At the Upper Campus, class Masses are held monthly.  at this time, our before school Masses and after  school Masses in the school chapel have been put on hold due to the pandemic as have been confessions.

Theology Classes

As a Catholic school, SJCA welcomes students of all faiths and respects the religious beliefs of all members of the diverse school community. The school believes that the spiritual development of its students gives meaning to their intellectual and physical endeavors.

Students at all grade levels attend Theology classes ranging from Bible studies to ethics and world religions studies.  Whether in the church, chapel, classroom, or on the playing field, building a moral and ethical foundation is an integral part of a St. Joseph Catholic Academy education.  Faculty, staff, alumni, and parents support students as they learn to lead lives of honor and commitment.

Knowing, Loving, and Serving God and Others

At SJCA, we believe that community service is a vital part of shaping tomorrow’s stewards.  Service projects bring the values that are taught in the classroom to life as students learn about and respond to the needs of others.  Our students, from preschool through high school, provide over 10,000 hours of service annually to the school parish, civic, and global organizations.


St. Joseph Catholic Academy School Prayer

My school is made up of people like me. I help make it what it is.

It will be SPIRITUAL if I make faith the center of my life.

It will be HUMBLE if I am not boastful.

It will be GENEROUS if I share my God-given gifts.

It will be RESPECTFUL if I honor myself and others.

It will be ACCEPTING if I recognize the talents of others.

It will show INTEGRITY if I am consistent and honest.

It will be a place of ACCOUNTABILITY if I take responsibility for my actions.

It will embrace COMMITMENT if I am dedicated to my work and others.

Help me, Lord, to be all of these things, and my school will be the same.



An integral part of forming our faith lives. 

Students at all grade levels, even as young as preschool, experience meaningful age-appropriate retreats led by priests, teachers, and the high school retreat team during a traditional school year. The pandemic has put retreats on hold at this time.

Overnight retreats are held at the high school level.  This experience allows students to take a breath, pray, reflect, and recognize the power of God in their lives.

Retreats at SJCA aim to:

Provide students with the time to reflect on God and on life.

Allow students to interact with others in a Christian context.

Allow students the opportunity to make choices in an environment of guidance, discussion and prayer.

Provide a climate where students can review their personal faith.

Ensure a memorable experience of school community, where the communal experiences of liturgy, celebration and reflection are highlighted.

Supporting Parishes and Archdiocese

St. Joseph Catholic Academy is blessed to have 10 local parishes providing financial and spiritual support to our school system.  Priests take an active role in shaping our students to be active Christians through our weekly and all-school Masses.  SJCA is a member of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

Archdiocese of Milwaukee News/Catholic School Alliance

To visit the Archdiocese of Milwaukee website, please click here.  

Kenosha Catholic School Alliance

In response to Archbishop Jerome Listecki’s vision for increased formal collaboration among Catholic schools, we are taking steps to strengthen Catholic education in Kenosha by encouraging stronger collaboration between All Saints Catholic School and St Joseph Catholic Academy. The Kenosha Catholic Schools Alliance (KCSA), a strategic collaboration between Kenosha’s archdiocesan Catholic schools, has been formed to shepherd this effort.  Members of the community will be invited to serve on visioning core committees for the project. 

This KCSA taskforce, representing Kenosha clergy, school board members, administrators, faculty, parents, parish representatives, and key Catholic community leaders, will be charged with uncovering opportunities to further the excellence of a city-wide Catholic school network in Kenosha: 

  • Strengthen individual identities of All Saints Catholic School and St Joseph Catholic Academy
  • Create stronger pathways throughout the Pre-K - 12 network
  • Enhance the operational and financial excellence of each school  
  • Identify opportunities to tap population growth and other possibilities (e.g., new locations, school models)
  • Bring a stronger Catholic identity and Catholic witness to Kenosha

KCSA News from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee

  • Click here for Communication #1: Introduction to the Kenosha Catholic Schools Alliance
  • Click here for Communication #2: Steering Committee Member Updates
  • Click here for Communication #3: Committe Tasks and Goals
  • Click here for Communication #4: Emergeng Challenges and Survey Updates.
  • Click here for Communication #5: Ensuring Excellence in Education
  • Click here for Frequently Asked Questions

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