St. Joseph Catholic Academy


Frozen Jr.

December 1st-3rd

and December 9th-11th, 2022

Registration/Audition Information

Who can Register or audition for Frozen Jr. ?

As stated in Music Theater International’s updated guidelines for Frozen Jr. 

“All performers must be 18 years old or younger.” SJCA sign-ups and auditions are open to students enrolled in grades 5th-12th during the 2022-2023 academic school year

When is the Registration Meeting and Vocal/Dance auditions for Frozen?

Complete this form by October 1st: Sign-up form

Sunday October 2,2022  – SJCA Auditorium  – 1:00 P.M. If you are unable to attend on October 2nd, please contact the director at [email protected]

The following individuals need to be present for the expectation meeting:

Middle School and High School Crew Members

Elementary Ensemble grade  5 – With a parent!

Middle School  grades 6 – 7 – 8

High School grades 9 – 10 – 11 – 12

Vocal auditions in small groups of 3-4 for all the Ensembles will begin immediately after the meeting.  Once the student has auditioned they are free to leave unless we ask them to stay for “Call Backs.”

“Call Backs,” are immediately following Ensemble Vocal Auditions.  They will consist of those individuals who will  be considered for lead roles. These students will be required to  complete another vocal selection of the directors choice and  a dance audition taught by the choreographer.  This is a “Closed” audition.  No one will be in the auditorium except those called back and the production staff.

What do I need to prepare for the audition for Frozen Jr.?

Students will be auditioning in groups of 3-4 and should Vocally learn: 

“Let the Sun Shine On” including the speaking parts–Here is the link: Music

“Call backs”- come prepared with various youtube selections from the show

When will I know if I’ve been cast in  Frozen Jr? 

The cast list will be emailed before the first rehearsal, October 9th. 

To be cast in the production, you must not have any conflicts November 28-30

(Please see Ms. Seidl if you already have a prior commitment.  Arrangements can be made.)

When will we be rehearsing?

Rehearsals are scheduled for Sundays 1 – 7pm.  Students will be required to be at rehearsal when their scenes are being rehearsed.  

How is rehearsal structured?

We usually will begin rehearsal with the entire cast starting at 1:00 and release groups and ensembles as the day progresses until we are left with leads only for the remaining time.  There will be dinner/lunch breaks scheduled for students who will need to remain till 7:00p.m.  A detailed schedule will be provided weekly!

Attendance and Absenteeism 

Attendance is mandatory and will be taken every day. Students will be allowed 2 unexcused absences. If students have more than two unexcused absences, they will be dropped from the musical. Absences will only be excused with an email or call from a parent at least one hour before rehearsal begins.  

Theatre Experience Intensive Show Fee

This production will function as a Theatre Experience Intensive. The fee of $150.00 is due to the SJCA business office prior to the first rehearsal.   Students will not be able to participate in rehearsal until the fee is paid to the business office.

Family Responsibility

There will be personal costume accessories required for cast members. Items such as shoes, undergarments, etc. will need to be provided by the family.  If you need assistance please reach out to the director.

Show Specifics

Detailed rehearsal schedule, Costume Plot and accessory requirements, hair, make-up Blocking and Scene schedule, and Crew Schedule will be provided prior to the first rehearsal.


 Any questions? 

Contact – [email protected]

Production Team:

Producer/Director/Choreographer -Julie Ann Seidl

Production Manager-Joy Weidner Chase 

Assistant to the Producer- Pauline McTernan

Stage Director-Ryan Pelke

Vocal Director-Michael Gosney

Crew Head and Construction-Danny Radandt

Children’s Ensemble Director-Kelcy Owens

Technical Director- Paul McTernan

Special Effects Consultant- Scott Seidl

FOPA Chair(s)- Heather Connolly & Melissa Lucci

SJCA Liaisons- Krista Schreiner & Donna Osman