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St. Joseph Catholic Academy J Term & Mid Term

J-Term and May Term

Exploring Interests, Igniting Curiosity



J-Term and May term are unique, learning sessions for students that ignite curiosity and inspire creativity.

During J-Term, our middle and high school students immerse themselves in courses that are deliberately experiential, giving them the time and freedom to explore topics outside of our normal college preparatory curriculum.  While our middle and high school students spend full days exploring areas of interest, our preschool and elementary school students engage in their own J-term sessions.

Some J-Term highlights include:

  • Students knitting scarves for those in need.
  • Literature lovers baking cupcakes while studying the classics.
  • Middle and high school students mastering the game of chess.
  • Junior and senior students interning with local attorneys, teachers, physical therapists, engineers and others.
  • Future scientists studying forensic psychology through handwriting analysis and trash profiling.

May term is a week-long session in May where our preschool and elementary school students are given the unique learning opportunities SJCA provides all of its learners. Teachers, parents and volunteers shared their passions with our students in a fun, interesting, educational and engaging way.

Highlights of the week included:

  • Outdoor adventures and activities including setting up a camp site.
  • Making treat bags for local police officers.
  • Cooking around the world with a special class at Elsie Mae’s Canning.
  • Learning to decode activities as secret agent Spy Kids.
  • Zoology getting to learn about and see in person horses, snakes, tarantulas and more!

Both J-Term and May Term provide our students with a distinctive opportunity that helps reveal talents, gifts, and passions.

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