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St. Joseph Catholic Academy Little Lancers Preschool

Little Lancer Preschool

Fostering a Love of Learning


The Little Lancer preschool ignites the spark of curiosity, instills the joy of discovery, and fosters the love of learning.

Our 3-year old and 4-year old students participate in all academic subject areas that are developmentally appropriate for early learners.


At the preschool level, language skills include listening, speaking and writing. An awareness of language is developed through alphabet, vocabulary, and sentence activities. Authors, illustrators, and various types of books are studied in depth.

Math Readiness

Math readiness includes the development of cognitive skills taught through manipulatives, activities,  and practical application.

Religion Readiness

An integral part of the Little Lancer program, religion is introduced through classroom prayer and Bible stories. Preschoolers participate in church celebrations including Mass.

Motor Skills

Gross motor skills body coordination is reinforced through walking, running, jumping, intentional play, and other activities which enhance physical development. Fine motor hand-eye coordination is developed through manipulative activities, including painting, pouring, lacing, sorting and using scissors.

Art and Music

Students channel their creative expression through listening, singing, dancing and creating art projects.

Personal Social Development

A positive self concept and the ability to interact with others is the primary educational goal for young children.

Our Littlest Scholars:

  • Write and illustrate their own set of classroom books.
  • Discover, discuss and compare authors and illustrators.
  • Construct their own binoculars, passports and maps to take a “safari” around the school.
  • Travel across the ocean on the “Mayflower.”
  • Participate in celebrations of the church, recite classroom prayers and learn to make the sign of the cross.
  • Send get-well postcards to the sick, make blankets for those in need, and rake leaves as helpers to their school.

Preschool is a time of great growth, wonder and adjustment. In the classroom, children engage in meaningful educational experiences that  develop the whole child. Our certified preschool teachers instill in children a sense of intellectual purpose while guiding them to turn interests into learning and facts into knowledge. Classroom lessons promote  independence, self-discipline, a respect for others, the ability to collaborate, and a sense of responsibility for his/her work and behavior. Whether they are counting money, sounding out words, practicing Spanish, or voting in the “cookie” election, our youngest scholars are happy, secure, and gaining the skills needed to flourish.

Because SJCA recognizes that each child is a gift from God, our preschoolers develop an awareness that they are special, unique and capable of limitless knowledge. The Little Lancer Preschool is the perfect environment to prepare your child for the academic, social and spiritual life that leads to a successful St. Joseph Catholic Academy graduate and beyond.

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