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Policies & Procedures

The links here provide information most requested by parents and students.  For questions regarding any of these policies, or if you require additional information regarding a subject not listed, please contact Mrs. Witthun, Director of Student Conduct, at (262) 654-8651 ext. 124.


In accordance with State Statute (118.15), all children between six (6) and eighteen (18) years of age must attend school full time until the end of the term, quarter, or semester in which they become eighteen (18) years of age unless they have an appropriate excuse or fall under one of the exceptions in the State Statutes or have graduated from high school.   Wisconsin statutes require minimum attendance of 170 in-class days during the 180 scheduled attendance days. This means that parents/guardians may excuse their child/children from school a maximum of 10 days each year without a doctor’s excuse.

It is not possible to replicate the classroom experience for a student when he/she is absent.


Participating in school sponsored extracurricular activities including athletics is a privilege, not a right. While SJCA encourages all students to be well-rounded and engaged in many formative experiences, there may be situations due to poor grades, behavior, safety or other issues, that participating in school sponsored extracurricular activities may not be deemed to be in the best interest of the student or others. It is up to the discretion of the SJCA administration to determine if a student will be allowed to participate.

All student athletes and parents/guardians are required to attend the orientation meeting for each sport.  At each orientation meeting, there will be discussions of the sport season, practice and game schedules, eligibility, required forms and fees, code of conduct, etc.  


Cell and smart phones may not be used during school hours, including lunch and study halls, and must be turned off. Occasionally cell/smart phones may be used for an expressed academic purpose and only when authorized by the classroom teacher for that purpose.   Phones may not be visible or used by any student during school hours between 7:50 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and on Wednesdays from 7:50 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. Phones must be stored in the student’s locker or backpack during this time period and turned off.   This policy is in effect during mandatory school wide, class wide or other organized student activities that take place during the day. Cell phones may NOT be used during lunch or study hall periods.  The school reserves the right to confiscate any electronic device from students who violate this rule, and students will receive a referral.   The following consequences are for students that are in violation of the cell phone policy: (High School Students Only)  

  • 1st Violation –  Meeting with Director of Student Conduct **Phone returned to student at the end of the day**
  • 2nd Violation – Detention (Date to be assigned by the Director of Student Conduct) **Phone only returned to parents/guardians when they are able to come pick it up **
  • 3rd Violation – Saturday Detention (Date to be assigned by the Director of Student Conduct) **Phone only returned to parents/guardians when they are able to come pick the phone up**
  • 4th Violation – Contract with additional disciplinary consequences and the student will be suspended from all extracurricular activities until further notice.

Note:  No warning will be issued for cell phone violations.

If there is an emergency and parents/guardians need to contact their child during school hours, they may call the main office or contact the Director of Student Conduct on the school cell phone at 262-945-5275. Additionally, all students are given an email address and can be contacted through email on their school computer throughout the day, if needed. 


Emergency Closing & Inclement Weather

In the case of emergency closing or inclement weather, please refer to the following television stations: WTMJ 4, Fox 6, WISN 12 and CBS 58. closings will also be announced on the radio at WLIP (1050 AM).

Also, please visit the school's facebook page for notification or look for an email sent from

Tornado Watch and Warning Emergencies

Please note that when a tornado warning or watch is in effect, all students and staff move to safe shelter. There will be no staff available to answer phones or open the school doors. Children will not be released at ANY TIME during a tornado watch or warning. Please note the children are our TOP priority and school employees are well versed in emergency procedures.

Emergencies & Disasters

In the event of an emergency where students need to be picked up, students will be released only to previously authorized individuals. The exception would be in the event of a serious injury, when we would send the child for emergency medical care. It is absolutely imperative that the Emergency Contact information, on your student’s registration form, be kept current and accurate. This is the primary document used to locate you or the people you’ve designated to pick up your child. Your child will NOT be released to anyone who is not designated as an Emergency Contact.


Dance Policy

St. Joseph Catholic Academy’s organizations may sponsor dances that are approved and calendared by the administration. Dances are meant to be enjoyable social events, both for students and for chaperones. As a Catholic school, the school’s values are reflected by both the words and actions of our students, families and staff. As is the case during school hours, misconduct will result in disciplinary consequences. Students are expected to demonstrate positive behavior toward each other and adult chaperones. Conduct or behavior that does not honor the Christian principles upon which St. Joseph Catholic Academy has been established will be considered inappropriate. A student dismissed from a dance as a result of any disciplinary action will forfeit the opportunity to attend the next scheduled school-sponsored dance.

Dress Guidelines for Dances

Dances require semi-formal attire with the exception of Prom, which is a formal event. Students should keep in mind St. Joseph Catholic Academy’s cultural values for dress when attending dances.


  • Appropriate attire includes: Tuxedo or suit, dress shirt and tie, closed toe shoes.
  • Inappropriate attire includes: Shorts, jeans, t-shirts, flip-flops or sandals.


  • Appropriate dress styles include: Halter dresses, strapless dresses, spaghetti strap dresses or backless dresses provided the bare back is above the waist.
  • Inappropriate dress styles include: Revealing or plunging necklines, bare-back below the waist, open midriffs, front or side cutouts, slits higher than four inches above the knee or hemlines shorter than four inches above the knee.

The faculty and administrators in attendance will be the final judge of the appropriateness of attire, behavior and dance style. A student violating these rules will have his/her parents phoned and will be asked to leave the dance.


In an effort to create a Catholic environment that is conducive to academic excellence, St. Joseph Catholic Academy has established a discipline code that allows faculty and students to work together to that end. Rules and regulations enable the student to develop self-control and also protect the rights of all students to pursue their education. The St. Joseph Catholic Academy standards of conduct and behavior are based on the Lancer Values. The school standards of conduct apply to student behavior both on and off campus. Any behavior which is contrary to the Mission and Lancer Values of St. Joseph Catholic Academy is unacceptable and may lead to disciplinary action.

Note:  In all cases of discipline, the Principal/President and/or the Director of Student Conduct reserves the right to review and change the policy and to deal with each case individually. Suspension/expulsion is always an option the President/Principal and/or the Director of Student Conduct has if the violation is serious.


Click here for the 2020-2021 Uniform / Dress Code Policy.

SJCA has a required school uniform for several very important reasons:

  • uniforms unite us and send a powerful visual statement of our SJCA community,
  • uniforms reduce clothing competition,
  • uniforms look smart.

As such, the official SJCA logo, shown at right, is required to be embroidered on the outermost layer of your student’s top clothing.

Students are required to come to school in the SJCA uniform every Monday through Thursday.  Every Friday is a jean day with SJCA Spirit Top.

The SJCA administration makes the final determination on whether a student is in uniform.

For questions regarding the dress code, please contact Mrs. Witthun, Director of Student Conduct, at 262-654-8651 ext. 124.


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