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Prayer Requests


Every Wednesday and Friday at 3 p.m., Michelle Anderson, Campus Minister, will lead a group in a virtual prayer session.  We will pray for the intentions on the SJCA Prayer Wall listed below. Wednesdays the Rosary will be prayed and Fridays the Chaplet of Divine Mercy will be prayed.  Everyone, affiliated with SJCA or not, is welcome to join. 

Meetings will be held via ZOOM.  Please click the link below to join the meeting at the times listed above.

Meeting ID: 947 3950 0480
Password: sjca



Prayer seeking the intercession of St. Joseph.

To you, O blessed Joseph, we have recourse, and with hearts filled with confidence, earnestly ask you to take us under your protection. We humbly pray that you will look with gracious eye upon that inheritance which Jesus Christ purchased with His blood and support our need by your power and strength. Defend, most watchful guardian of the Holy Family, the chosen offspring of Jesus Christ. Shield us under your patronage that, imitating your example, and strengthened by your help, we may live a holy life, die a happy death and attain to everlasting happiness in Heaven. Amen.



  • For our students, to continue to seek out learning and pass all classes this year.
  • For those who are pregnant, please allow good health during pregancy. For Taylor that the Baby can grow properly and healthy and be well.
  • For a good recovery for Holly M. as she underwent neck surgery.
  • Financial Stability and Family Health of our family and families in SJCA, Kenosha County and throughout the world during this quarantine.  That our politicians might truly work for the good of the nation during this crisis.  That we might trust in God for all our needs and that God will protect the most vulnerable among us.
  • Lord, I pray for the precious souls that I have been privileged to teach this year.  Please keep them safe and close to you.
  • For Robby's dad as he recovers from his accident.
  • For my brother Jesse, who celebrates a birthday today. May God bless him and keep him employed.
  • For all teachers who have patiently instructed our children though online learning...we appreciate all you do!!
  • Please include my mom in your prayers she is in a nursing home in which now several people have been infected. We were getting ready to bring her home and this happened so now we have to wait a little longer. 
  • I would like to pray for my dog Layla because she is getting old. 
  • For all of our pet companions that they may be safe and healthy.
  • Our Father Almighty, please protect those who are sick with this deadly virus and keep the people who don't have it safe. Please lord protect those who might not have a home of food. In name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
  • I want to pray for all of those who are suffering in mind, body, or spirit. I would also like to pray for all of the who are sacrificing and struggling in any way, shape or form. Sacrifice and Suffering are the two keys into Heaven.
  • We pray all students and staff can return to school next fall.
  • Prayers for good health.
  • Please pray our the elderly and those with compromised immune systems during this pandemic.
  • Please pray for Dave, that he may get well soon.
  • Prayers for my brother and his wife.  They are expecting their first child, she is due the middle of this month.  Praying for a continued healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery during this uncertain time.  Amen.
  • We ask for relief from pain for those who are suffering.


APRIL 2020

  • For families suffering from CoVID-19 that God may watch over them and keep them safe.
  • For a family member to stay healthy and strong until we can bring her home from the Skilled Nursing Facility.
  • For private prayer intentions
  • For all students mental health may they continue to be strong this time of isolation.
  • I pray for safe driving travels when my sons go to visit their dad five hours away.
  • For private prayer intentions
  • I pray for all the nurses, doctors, and hospital staff who are helping all those who are ill.
  • Please pray for the uncle of one of my students.  He is battling COVID-19 and could use our prayers to fight the illness and recover.
  • Pray for our family as we prepare for my brain surgery in June.  It will be tough on my family and we pray with positive recovery. Continue to love, laugh, and make memories. - The Beckman Family
  • Please pray for strength and complete healing of our father/papa, Joe Pillizzi, as he continues his chemo treatments and receives a bone marrow transplant in the next few months. May the healing power of Christ be given to him and restore him to health. Amen.
  • For those working in hospitals and nursing homes.  That they will be protected from this virus.
  • For those struggling with anxiety and depression. That the Lord will give them peace of mind and healing.
  • For our parents and elderly grandparents. That the Lord will keep them healthy and safe during this pandemic. Thank you, Lord for watching over us!
  • For an end to the  COVID-19 Pandemic. For the health of our SJCA families and extended community. For my personal intentions. For the Wagner family as they get settled after the devastating fire. For the soul of former SJCA parent, Mrs. Eileen Bennett, who died this week from cancer. For my fourth grade students and all our students who are missed every day. For small businesses and families who are struggling through this time of economic uncertainty. For an increase of faith and prayer in our world.
  • For our aunt Laurie Fapso who is fighting for her life from Sepsis related to her recent treatment for lung cancer.
  • For those whose hours have been cut at work and who are struggling to make ends meet.


  • For those who have losed loved ones during this pandemic, may they be given comfort in this time of grieving.


  • May God bless all of the essential workers and healthcare workers who put their safety before others.

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