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St. Joseph Catholic Academy Prospective

Prospective Students and Parents

We're doing amazing things. Daily.

10,000 Hours of Service

Through serving others, SJCA students at all levels learn that their talents are gifts to be shared for the good of the local, national, and global community.

90% participation in Extracurricular Activities

SJCA offers a myriad of opportunities from Coding Club to Retreat Team.

8 Core Values

Eight core values comprise the Lancer Value system which molds SJCA students into people of strong moral character and personal integrity that prepare them for life.

We're building the habits and skills for success.

100% Graduation Rate

SJCA graduates have a consistent 100% graduation rate with 98 percent of students advancing to higher education.

$6+ Million in Scholarships

The SJCA Class of 2020 received scholarships colleges around the world.  The 69 members of the Class of 2020 received over $6 million in post-secondary scholarships.

26.7 Average ACT Score (top 50%)

Average ACT score of the top 50% of the SJCA Class of 2017

Straight from the (student's) mouth

  • Chris Madden, Class of 2012

    Before attending SJCA I was skeptical...

    Before attending SJCA I was skeptical about the advantages that the institution provided. Now, in my third year of college, I realize that St. Joe’s successfully prepared me for a rigorous workload and intense studying.My transition into college was not very difficult because my coursework in high school was geared toward prepping me for college. St.Joe’s also allowed me to compete in athletics without compromising my education and receive recognition that could not have been possible at other schools. Winning the Holy Rosary reward was one of the biggest highlights of my high school career. The award showed that my athletic ability was complimented by an exceptional education. St. Joe’s prepares students for a successful future and opens doors to an array of opportunities. My time at SJCA has allowed me to attend a top 10 liberal arts college and I am forever grateful for the work done by staff and those affiliated with the Academy.

  • Meg Marciniak, Class of 2016

    St. Joe’s is a place of excellence...

    Not only are the classes challenging and the teachers highly qualified, but the atmosphere is one of joy and faithfulness. There’s no other school in this area that can claim to not only nourish the minds of its students, but the souls--something infinitely more important. The variety of activities it offers to all of us is innumerable: I’m able to go Mass in the mornings, NHS during study hall, cross country after school, and retreat team on the weekends. I will be grateful for the academic advantages I have obtained from this school for the rest of my life, and when I look back I know I’ll be able to see St. Joe’s as the platform that lead me to any success I will encounter.

  • Emma Getka, Class of 2021

    SJCA is a place where I feel safe...  

    I feel safe to pray and profess my faith. Every morning I walk into a faith filled community where I am free to grow closer to God and to my classmates. I feel safe to learn in an environment where I can ask questions without feeling uncomfortable if I don’t understand. The teachers and staff at SJCA are always there to support me and help me succeed. I feel safe to be myself. At SJCA everyone is different but can feel comfortable expressing themselves in their own way. We accept and care for each other. I feel safe to try new things. SJCA offers music, art, theater, sports, clubs, and many different service opportunities. There is always something for me to be involved in. I feel safe in our school. SJCA is a place filled with people that I can count on and trust. I know that if I ever need something there are teachers and staff that are always there for me. I feel blessed to be part of the SJCA family.

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