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Important Information


Participating in school sponsored extracurricular activities including athletics is a privilege, not a right. While SJCA encourages all students to be well-rounded and engaged in many formative experiences, there may be situations due to poor grades, behavior, safety or other issues, that participating in school sponsored extracurricular activities may not be deemed to be in the best interest of the student or others. It is up to the discretion of the SJCA administration to determine if a student will be allowed to participate.   
All student athletes and parents/guardians are required to attend the orientation meeting for each sport.  At each orientation meeting, there will be discussions of the sport season, practice and game schedules, eligibility, required forms and fees, code of conduct, etc.


Click here the 2020-2021 2nd Semester Bell Schedule and Rotation calendar.

Click here for the Middle School 2nd Semester Rotation Wheel schedule.


SJCA Math Lab is open to all upper campus students Mondays through Thursdays. Math Lab allows students to focus on the key concepts and applications addressed in their math classes. Math Lab is open to students who may need help with their homework, would like to review a topic, or are struggling with a particular concept.

Middle School:

  • Room 105
  • After School: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 3 - 3:30 p.m.

High School:

  • Room 226
  • After School: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 3 - 3:30 p.m. 
  • During High School Resource Period, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays,
    • Resource Math Lab will run during resource period (before lunch). Students must get a pass from their math teacher before 7:45 a.m. The math teacher will have 10 passes. The teacher you receive a pass from will be the teacher you go to see that day.

For questions, please contact Mrs. Benhart, SJCA Math Chair, at


In accordance with State Statute (118.15), all children between six (6) and eighteen (18) years of age must attend school full time until the end of the term, quarter, or semester in which they become eighteen (18) years of age unless they have an appropriate excuse or fall under one of the exceptions in the State Statutes or have graduated from high school.
Wisconsin statutes require minimum attendance of 170 in-class days during the 180 scheduled attendance days. This means that parents/guardians may excuse their child/children from school a maximum of 10 days each year without a doctor’s excuse.
It is not possible to replicate the classroom experience for a student when he/she is absent.


St. Joseph Catholic Academy’s organizations may sponsor dances that are approved and calendared by the administration. Dances are meant to be enjoyable social events, both for students and for chaperones. As a Catholic school, the school’s values are reflected by both the words and actions of our students, families and staff. As is the case during school hours, misconduct will result in disciplinary consequences. Students are expected to demonstrate positive behavior toward each other and adult chaperones. Conduct or behavior that does not honor the Christian principles upon which St. Joseph Catholic Academy has been established will be considered inappropriate. A student dismissed from a dance as a result of any disciplinary action will forfeit the opportunity to attend the next scheduled school-sponsored dance.

Student Handbook

In an effort to create a Catholic environment that is conducive to academic excellence, St. Joseph Catholic Academy has established a discipline code that allows faculty and students to work together to that end. Rules and regulations enable the student to develop self-control and also protect the rights of all students to pursue their education. The St. Joseph Catholic Academy standards of conduct and behavior are based on the Lancer Values. The school standards of conduct apply to student behavior both on and off campus. Any behavior which is contrary to the Mission and Lancer Values of St. Joseph Catholic Academy is unacceptable and may lead to disciplinary action. Note: In all cases of discipline, the Principal/President and/or the Director of Student Conduct reserves the right to review and change the policy and to deal with each case individually. Suspension/expulsion is always an option the President/Principal and/or the Director of Student Conduct has if the violation is serious.


Cell and smart phones may not be used during school hours, including lunch and study halls, and must be turned off. Occasionally cell/smart phones may be used for an expressed academic purpose and only when authorized by the classroom teacher for that purpose.
Phones may not be visible or used by any student during school hours between 7:50 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and on Wednesdays from 7:50 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. Phones must be stored in the student’s locker or backpack during this time period and turned off.
This policy is in effect during mandatory school wide, class wide or other organized student activities that take place during the day. Cell phones may NOT be used during lunch or study hall periods.  The school reserves the right to confiscate any electronic device from students who violate this rule, and students will receive a referral.
The following consequences are for students that are in violation of the cell phone policy: (High School Students Only)

  • 1st Violation –  Meeting with Director of Student Conduct
    **Phone returned to student at the end of the day**
  • 2nd Violation – Detention (Date to be assigned by the Director of Student Conduct)
    **Phone only returned to parents/guardians when they are able to come pick it up **
  • 3rd Violation – Saturday Detention (Date to be assigned by the Director of Student Conduct)
    **Phone only returned to parents/guardians when they are able to come pick it up**
  • 4th Violation – Contract with additional disciplinary consequences and the student will be suspended from all extracurricular activities until further notice.

·        Note:  No warning will be issued for cell phone violations.

If there is an emergency and parents/guardians need to contact their child during school hours, they may call the main office or contact the Director of Student Conduct on the school cell phone at 262-945-5275. Additionally, all students are given an email address and can be contacted through email on their school computer throughout the day, if needed. 

Student Handbook

Student Portals

Email, Calendar & Docs

Student Portal

Course Management



During the school year, students at designated grade levels will be provided a computer device for use in their academic endeavors. This technology program provides the school community to countless new and exciting opportunities and capabilities for teaching and learning.  At the elementary school, students in preschool through grade 5 are engaged in a project based curriculum supported by technology in both the classroom and a faculty staffed computer lab environment. At the Middle School, students use Chromebooks and at the high school level, students use laptops.  

It should be noted that while these units afford the students and staff many opportunities for work and enjoyment in a variety of areas, the primary purpose is to enhance teaching and learning within the curriculum. Parents and students are required to read the Technology Policy prior to students receiving their computers. 


Powerschool is the Student Information System (SIS) we use at SJCA. It is also the official online gradebook. While you may see some grade information in Canvas, Powerschool is the official grade platform.

Parents self enroll in powerschool and link the accounts to their children. The URL for Powerschool is Specific information for creation of your account was distributed the first week of school. If you do not have access to Powerschool and do not have the information necessary to create your account, please contact the main office at 262-654-8651.

Once your Powerschool account is created, you can access your account through mobile apps for both iOS and Android. There are links to the respective stores on the left side of the page when you are logged into Powerschool.

  • iOS App
  • Android App

Once in the App you will see 4 boxes asking for a district code. MMWD is the code.

For additional information, please contact the Technology department by clicking here.


Canvas is our online classroom component where teachers post course materials and assignments for your children. You have an opportunity to observe your child's classes and assignments through the Canvas lens. Parents must create a Canvas account in order to observe their child's classes.

For ALL parents:

  • Go to the SJCA Canvas website at
  • Create an account by clicking on the banner on the right side of the log in box.
  • If you have any problems with Canvas, please contact Mr Bernhardt or visit the Canvas help site:

ANDROID and iOS APPs:  Search for Canvas by Instructure in the App Store or the Apple App Store.

  • Google Play Link
  • iTunes Link
    • Opening the app there will be a search box to find our school.
    • Type in St. Joseph Catholic Academy. You will likely only need the St. J to find our school, but the . is necessary.
    • Log in with your username and password created above.

SJCA campuses are networked together for information sharing, Internet and email. Every family, student, and employee is expected to follow the SJCA Acceptable Use Policy for Computers and Networking from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Each family, student, and employee is to read the SJCA Acceptable Use Policy for the Use of Computers and Telecommunications for Archdiocese of Milwaukee agreement before being permitted to use such equipment. Signing the SJCA Handbook Acknowledgment Form indicates that a family read, understands and will adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy for Computers and Networking. 


Click here for the SJCA Technology Policy.


At the Upper Campus, students needing assistance with hardware or software should stop by the Technology Department in Room 229.  The number for the Technology Department is (262) 654-8651 ext. 114.



Lower Campus

7207 14th Ave
Kenosha, WI 53143
Call Lower Campus

Upper Campus

2401 69th St
Kenosha, WI 53143
Call Upper Campus