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Expand Your Horizons

SJCA's J-Term is a highlight of our academic year. This two-week program provides Middle and High School students with the opportunity to design their own unique course schedule and tailor their learning experience to their interests and passions. With an extensive range of offerings, the program empowers students to create their ideal learning environment and achieve new heights academically. Our experienced faculty members are dedicated to providing an engaging and inspiring learning experience to each student.

2023-2024 J-Term Classes

  • Cooking

  • Lower Campus Helpers

  • Boys Volleyball

  • Cooking for College

  • Babysitting

  • 3-D Printing

  • Lifetime Sports

  • Middle School Yearbook

  • Sports and Society

  • ASL Sign Language

  • Intro to Sports Journalism

  • Stretching, Conditioning, and Mindfulness

  • Card Games, Cool Tricks & Building

  • Disney History & Trivia

  • The History Behind The Funeral Industry

  • Automotive Care Basics

  • Wireworking & Beading

  • Trivial Pursuits: Quiz and Trivia Fun

  • Foundations of Dance

  • No More Mean Girls: Guide for self-appreciation and lifting each other up

  • Calligraphy and Fun Fonts

  • Screen Printing

  • ACT Math prep

  • Hockey History & Appreciation

  • Marketing Club

  • Exploring Wizarding World: HP & Sorcerer's Stone

  • Roller Coasters 101 for Scaredy Cats

  • The History of the Automobile

  • Baskets of Joy Service Project

  • ACT English/ Reading Test Prep Crash Course

  • Mediterranean Life

  • Exploring Web Development & Aesthetics

  • Running

  • Learning to Sew

  • AP & Studio Art

  • History vs Hollywood

  • Intro to Japanese

  • Intro to Ukulele and/or Guitar

  • History of Warfare

  • Running for Fitness

  • Julius Caesar- Learn all that goes into producing a play

  • Forensic Psychology

  • Geometric Arts and Crafts

  • Debate

  • History through Film

  • Baskets of Joy Easter Egg Hunt

  • Puzzle Me This-logic puzzles galore!

  • Advanced Sports Journalism

  • Mosaics and Mandalas

  • Keyboarding

  • Engaging Young Minds-Learning to be a teacher

  • Middle School Open Studio

  • Cribbage

  • Around the World in 80 Days-Learning about various cultures

  • How to interpret Doppler Radar/ Severe Storm Features

  • Genealogy

  • Christian Movement, mindfulness, & artful journaling

  • Creative Writing: Short Fiction

  • The Great New Year Reset

  • Hebrew Basics

  • Science Fiction Plus

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